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Donations for the Bridge to Asia Project from April 23 to May 11

Apr 19, 2012

The Emeriti Society will be collecting scholarly materials for the Bridge to Asia Foundation. The Bridge to Asia collects academic and scholarly books, journals, monographs, data bases, syllabuses, lecture notes, newsletters, conference proceedings, teaching aids, sheet music, maps, audiotapes, and course exams in English and other languages and transports them to warehouses in China where college faculty can select materials for their programs in colleges in Asia.  In fields in which currency matters they request that items be dated from 1995 forward.   If currency matters items should be dated from 1995 forward. More details at www.bridge.org/.

Due to the fact that only two faculty will be retiring we have shortened the collection period.  It will begin on April 23 and end on May 11.

To make a donation after April 23 please contact one of the following Emeriti faculty to set up a time to receive your donation.


Ken Beauchamp kbeauchamp@pacific.edu 209-478-6752

Roland di Franco rdifranco@comcast.net 209-948-6776   

Ed Pejack epejack@pacific.edu 209-244-5861

Mike Sharp msharp@pacific.edu 209-944-5899             

Packing Guidelines:

· Use sturdy cartons

· Stack books on their sides, not on their spines

· Fill spaces with newspaper

· Tape carton shut

· Label each carton with your name

· Address cartons to Bridge to Asia

· For multiple cartons, please label them 1/X ... X/X

Materials will be delivered after May 11.  For a receipt contact www.bridge.org/ after May 21. They will send you a formal receipt. For a tax deduction, keep a list. Donors have used book prices from Amazon.com or ItsDeductible Online.

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