The Commuter Loungeby Patrick Giblin

A new room for students who don't live on campus - the Commuter Lounge - was opened on the Stockton campus. It's a place where students can relax and study when they have long periods of time in between classes. The above photo was taken during a grand-opening reception held on March 30.

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New Commuter Lounge Opened on Stockton Campus

Area will allow students who live off campus to relax between classes
Apr 3, 2012

Being stuck on campus has just become a little more comfortable.

A commuter lounge was opened on the second floor of the McCaffrey Center last week, next to the ASuop office. Stocked with computers, lockers, couches and chairs and a wide-screen television, the space is a relaxation and study spot for students who don't live on campus but find that they have time to fill between classes.

The room also will host regular informal drop-in access hours for peer advising and other services for commuter students," said Joanna Royce-Davis, Pacific's Dean of Students.

"When you don't live on campus but have several hours between classes, it can get pretty stressful finding places to use during transition times and where you can just relax," Royce-Davis said. "While the library is a great location for intense studying and quiet and the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center is a good place to socialize or eat, there really hasn't been an on-campus place that students who commute could use as a home base."

The commuter lounge used to be a meeting space known as the Pine Room, but with new meeting spaces in the DeRosa University Center as well as new meeting rooms in the new Vereschagin Alumni House, the space was getting less use. At the same time, the need for a commuter lounge was raised by the WASC committee members during their last visit. In response, President Pamela A. Eibeck charged student life with creating the space.

The area officially opened on March 30 with a reception, though there is still some work that will be done. Bulletin boards will be added so students can leave messages for each other, and photos will be hung to make the space more inviting.

The space will be open 24/7 and accessed with a student ID card using the OneCard system. For more information about the lounge, or to submit suggestions on how to improve it, contact Jason Velo at


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