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Rho Chi Talent Show: Superheroes and Villains

Apr 24, 2012

By: Ana Gabriel '12

On March 14, Rho Chi Honor Society hosted the annual talent show with this year's theme, Superheroes and Villains. The annual tradition which featured acts by both students and faculty is meant to foster fellowship.

"It is a fun and entertaining way to bring the students and professors together and share in each other's talents and have our minds escape from the stresses in school," says Rho Chi Society Beta Omega Chapter Vice President Nader Tossoun '13. "There's something very special about the way music and arts bring people together and I believe it really helps the students and the professors appreciate each other in a whole different way outside the classroom."

The night opened with a hilarious video of emcees Kin Lam '13 and Antoinette Dinh '13 setting the tone for an exciting night of performances.

Among the performers was Erika Cho, an undergraduate student and brother of Phi Delta Chi. "It was a little nerve racking especially because it was in a room full of my peers," says Erika. She sang "The One That Got Away" along with Phi Delta Chi brothers Ashley Rummel, and Irene Andrada, while Daniel Lieu '13 provided the beat. "I still had a lot of fun though knowing my brothers were supporting me."

The night ended with the Fraternity Battle where pharmacy fraternities Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Chi, Rho Pi Phi, and Lambda Kappa Sigma's pledges compete. "It's probably one of the most memorable events of the night and the perfect way to end the show because the room is always filled with an excited-sense of school spirit," says Nader.

The talent show however, wouldn't be as exciting without a little competition. The winners of this year's talent show are:

First Place: Suzie Tashdjian '13, "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars
Second Place: Brothers of Rho Pi Phi, Rho Pi Phly
Third Place: Joseph Mishreki '13, Melody Nash, and Randall Gee, "One Woman Man" by Aaliyah
Special Mention: Dr. Timothy Smith, "Joanne"
Winner of the Fraternity Battle: Brothers of Kappa Psi

Dr. Smith, who performed a song he composed himself, amazed the crowd with his acoustic performance. "It's amazing how our peers and professors surprise us every year when they get up on stage and share their hidden talents with us," says Nader.

With all the surprises from this year, who knows what next year's talent show will bring!