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Strong student representation at CPhA

Apr 24, 2012
Student pharmacists proudly represented Pacific at the California Pharmacists Association Outlook annual meeting. The event was held in Sacramento, CA from February 2-5, 2012.

Last year, Julie Na '12 competed in Pacific's Academy of Student Pharmacist (ASP) Patient Counseling Competition and took home first place to represent Pacific at the state level. At Outlook, Julie continued to impress the judges and will be representing California at the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Elizabeth Chang '12, Han Duong ‘13, Melissa Kuo '12, Michelle Najibi ‘13, and Jerlin Hsin '12 placed second in the CPhA Quiz Bowl.

Han also partnered with Keira Domer '13 and proposed a new policy to be reviewed by CPhA's Policy Committee next year. Han conceived the idea and approached Keira (who has previous experience writing policies for the APhA Midyear Regional Meetings and actually had a policy approved by the House of Delegates in 2010) to help her put the policy into writing.

The purpose of the policy is to develop limited prescriptive rights for certified community pharmacists drawn from a standardized formulary approved jointly by the California State Board of Pharmacy and the Board of Medicine in efforts to decrease the burden on medical and emergency medical systems and to fully recognize and utilize community pharmacists as providers of front-line healthcare.

"Quite often, the primary form of medical care for these citizens is the emergency room of an already burdened system. If you allow community pharmacists to prescribe for limited purposes such as minor infections and birth control, perhaps we can remove some of that burden from our medical peers and that system of care," commented Domer.

To make sure their policy is heard and in a forward moving process, Domer will be serving on one of CPhA's reference committees slated to meet this summer. As a committee member, she will be able to discuss and review their proposed policy as well as other policies and business related items. If successful, Duong and Domer will present and defend their policy once more before the House of Delegates at CPhA Outlook 2013 in Monterey, CA.