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Former Chaplain Robert Stewart Passed Away

Dec 3, 2012

Former Pacific Chaplain Rev. Robert H. Stewart Jr. passed away on Sunday, November 4, 2012.  He had just turned 91.

Stewart was appointed to the new position of director of religious life at University of the Pacific in June 1958 and continued until 1964. In that position, he directed religious activities for the overal campus as well as a special activity calendar for Methodist students. Previously, he was the director for the Wesley Foundation Methodist Student Center at the University of Arizona in Tucson and had also served as director of boys work for the All Nations Foundation in Los Angeles, among other ministries in Southern California. He was a graduate of Southern Methodist University at Dallas and earned his master's in theology at the University of Southern California.
He was known as someone who embraced the downtrodden and welcomed individuals with compassion and love and was dedicated to the universal principles of justice and equality. Upon retirement, he continued activism in issues of social justice.  He is survived by sons Christopher and Timothy, daughter Candace Delgardo, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. 

A memorial service will be held 11 a.m., December 8, 2012 at the First United Methodist Church of Loomis, 6414 Brace Rd., Loomis, CA.

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