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Celebrate the School's 55th Anniversary

Feb 1, 2012

The University of the Pacific's School of Engineering and Computer Science will celebrate 55 years of teaching, learning and innovation in 2012. The School's anniversary celebration will take place during the university-wide Pacific Alumni Weekend in June and will commemorate the advancement of the School and the success of its alumni over these years.

Engineering instruction at Pacific began in 1924 as a concentration within College of the Pacific.  In 1957, it became its own school and began offering a Bachelor of Science in civil and electrical engineering.  The School has since grown to offer eight majors, five minors, and a Master of Science in Engineering Science degree. Throughout its 55 years, the School has offered students a personalized education, quality teaching, and an exceptional learning experience.  Despite increased enrollment in the past years, students still experience an average class size of 16 students and the personal attention of a faculty advisor.  Classroom education is enhanced by the renowned co-operative education program where students spend a semester working full-time in industry, completing paid, practical experience as an undergrad student. Students can even go abroad with employers in Japan and Germany through the International Engineering Co-op Program.

Celebrate with the School

The School will celebrate 55 years of growth, excellence, and success at Pacific Alumni Weekend this June 22-24, 2012. All alumni and friends of the School are invited to attend. Find more information here. more

As the School continues to grow, it has expanded the resources it offers today's engineering students to better equip them with tools that will help them in the engineering practice of tomorrow. The masters program began in 2009 and now offers three concentrations in civil engineering with paths in environmental, management, or structural engineering; computer and electrical engineering and computer science; or mechanical engineering.  The unique Blended Masters Program allows students to begin graduate courses as junior and complete both their bachelors and masters in just five years.

Additionally, a superior environment for teaching and learning is fostered through the School's equipment, laboratories, and classrooms.  One such example is the John T. Chambers Technology Center, which is the School's newest facility. Completed in the fall of 2010, the Center's seven research, teaching and industry project labs, studio classrooms, study areas and faculty offices provides cutting-edge technology facilities for superior teaching, learning, and research while providing facilities for beta site and benchmarking to attract industry support for collaborative research.

The 55th anniversary will be a celebration of all that the School of Engineering and Computer Science has accomplished in the past and what it hopes to achieve in the future. Alumni are invited to reconnect with the School through its annual events as well as celebration activities. For more information regarding the 55th anniversary celebration, please call Deanna Thompson, Dean's Office, at 209.946.2575 or dthompson@pacific.edu.