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2012 Spring CAPD Grants and Awards

Mar 6, 2012

The Committee for Academic Planning and Development (CAPD) is pleased to announce the availability of a number of grants and awards available to members of the Pacific faculty.

The following grants and awards are available:

Travel Grants

Faculty can submit proposals for full or partial reimbursement for travel to conferences or workshops that focus on improving teaching and student learning. CAPD will fund part or all of costs, including registration, travel, and lodging. Preferences will be given to requests showing additional funding from other sources. The grant may not be used for student travels or field trips.

Small Project Grants
Faculty can request support for the development or acquisition of innovative materials for teaching in discipline-specific or interdisciplinary courses.  This includes classroom or protocol based research on learning, assessment of learning, using new or innovative techniques or materials to introduce class concepts, or training of faculty on new techniques or class materials.  Individual requests cannot exceed $1,500 per year, and group projects cannot exceed $3,500.

Rupley-Church Grants for International Relations
The committee can award multiple grants up to $3,000 per grant (depending upon fund availability.)  This award is to encourage greater understanding of the international community by both faculty and students. Award money can be used for, but is not limited to, international travel and conferences that are designed to further a faculty member's cultural understanding, with the emphasis on the integration of this understanding into his/her courses at Pacific.

Hoefer Prize for Leadership in Experiential Learning
This award (up to $2,000, depending on fund availability) is brought to us by The Hoefer Family Foundation.  As its title says, the prize is to encourage, recognize and reward faculty members who have achieved a record of outstanding contributions to an academic program through the development of supervision of internships or other experiential learning tools.

Eberhardt Teacher/Scholar Award (Spring Semester Only)

Through the generosity of the Eberhardt family, the Eberhardt Teacher/Scholar Awards have been established to reward exemplary teaching and scholarship. Five faculty members have been selected annually for this award since 1989. Nominations are solicited for five Eberhardt Teacher/Scholar Awards. Each award provides a stipend of $2,000 to be placed in a special account and used for professional expenses at the discretion of the awardee. The awards are based on evidence of both exemplary teaching and scholarship as described in the letter of nomination. Faculty members who have completed four years of service to the University are eligible.

The nomination package should illustrate the nominee's exemplary teaching by providing a variety of evidence. Such evidence might include testimony that the nominee does any or all of the following: communicates a broad and accurate knowledge of the subject area; creates a rapport between self and student to engage students actively in their learning; provides a challenging learning experience; demand thinking in the completion of assignments;  exhibits innovative approaches to learning; demonstrates an intense interest and enthusiasm for the subject area that motivates students to put forth their best effort; actively mentors students, sometimes beyond graduation.

Evidence of exemplary scholarship should include: publications, presentations or exhibitions of original work through any medium (including musical or dramatic performances); development of courses or curricula; development of new teaching materials or broader use of previously developed material; contributions to the general improvement of the departmental programs and/or facilities (e.g., laboratories, audiovisual centers, etc). Eligible faculty may be nominated by anyone, including self-nominations.

Nomination packages must include a letter of nomination, a recent curriculum vita, and supporting letters from colleagues as well as from present and former students. The entire nomination package should be limited to 15 pages. (For the Eberhardt teacher/Scholar Award, please contact the CAPD co-chairs for additional submission information).

Application Form: available from your school CAPD representatives, or the CAPD committee chairs (see below).

Deadline: March 15th @ 5:00PM

You may submit a paper copy* of the proposal to The Center for Teaching & Learning.  The Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Stockton campus library.

Or, you may submit it as a PDF* file by email to: CTL@PACIFIC.EDU

Please C.C. the submission to the CAPD Co-Chairs:


*Dean's signature is required.

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