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IPSF Hosts 2nd Annual Viva La Pharmacie

Feb 23, 2012

By: Ana Gabriel ‘12

On January 25, Pacific's International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) hosted Viva La Pharmacie at the Chan Family Health Sciences Learning Center and Clinics to give students the opportunity to learn about pharmacy practice in various countries.

Faculty member Dr. Katerina Venderova opened the night by introducing her native country, Czech Republic, and her experience as a pharmacy student at Charles University in Prague.

Dr. Venderova was not the only person who shared her international experience in pharmacy. Among the students who participated were Jason Miller '14 (Jamaica), Matthew D'Anis '14 (Haiti and Mexico), Nicole Dinh '14 (Vietnam), Lindsay Noriega '13 (Japan and China).

"With the help of University of the Pacific faculty and fellow students with first-hand experience, we aim to give Pacific a global glimpse of our profession without even leaving the country," said IPSF member Adaeze Okeh '14. "We hope that attendees walk away from the event with a more holistic understanding of our profession and with an enhanced desire to understand it on an international level."

Viva La Pharmacie inspired many students including Vittoria Ledesma '14. "After attending Viva La Pharmacie, I realized how different pharmacy practice is in other countries," she said. "For example, Dr. Venderova said that Czech students must take five board exams in front of a panel to get their license. The drug regulation, the education needed, and the level of respect vary so much. This definitely inspired me to travel to experience it for myself and made me appreciate the system that we have here."