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The University has started an experimental shuttle service for students traveling across campus at night. The service will be modified during the semester, according to feedback from students. Above is a route of the current service.

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New Student Shuttle Service for the Stockton Campus

Feb 8, 2012

An experimental shuttle service for students was established on the Stockton Campus this month to make it easier and safer for students to travel across campus at night. The service was one of several safety recommendations raised during President Pamela Eibeck's Townhall meeting on safety last year.

The service runs from 6:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the rest of the semester while the program is evaluated. The service could be expanded to include areas off campus, depending on the popularity of the program.

"This program is meant to augment our current STRIPES service, which runs every evening from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., but is limited to transporting only a few students at a time because it relies on electric golf carts," said Mike Belcher, director of Pacific's Public Safety. "This service will use a van, thus allowing larger groups of students to travel together."


Campus shuttle map

Shuttle Route

Download and print, or view on your smart phone, a PDF version of the new Shuttle Route map more

Much like a city bus service, the shuttle will use established points on campus to pick up and drop off students, Belcher said. Students also can flag down the van while it is on route between stops.

The stops will be at:

  • Entrance to Town house parking lot.
  • Monagan Hall parking lot
  • Burns Tower/Pacific Circle
  • Presidents & Atchley Way
  • Atchley Way & Dave Brubeck (S/W)
  • Stagg Circle
  • Olsen Hall & N. Service Road
  • Raymond Lodge
  • A.G. Spanos Center (only during events)

The service will initially start at Monagan Hall and circle the campus in a clock-wise direction, stopping at each location on the way. It should take the van approximately 30 minutes to complete a circuit, meaning that the van should make two stops at each location every hour. Better times will be calculated as the service evolves over the next few weeks.

During the next few months, the service will be analyzed to see what changes should be made. Depending on the popularity, more vans could be added and the area the vans will travel to and from could be expanded to include popular student areas, such as locations on the Miracle Mile, area apartment complexes and the downtown movie theater.

For more information about the shuttle service, call 209.470.6233.

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