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Changes in Voicemail

Feb 1, 2012

Previously the default was to use voice commands to listen to university voicemail from a telephone. Due to many requests, the default was changed for all voicemail users from voice commands to keypad numeric input this morning, 2/01/2012. However, if you would prefer to use voice commands to listen to voicemail from the phone, you can reset your preference to voice commands using the Personal Communication Assistant. The link to the voicemail Personal Communication Assistant is on insidePacific under the Administrative tab (Online Telecom Services/Customize Voicemail Settings). You can also request the change back to voice commands for your voicemail box through the Customer Support Center, 209 946-7400 or your technical support provider. If you do choose to use voice commands to listen to your voicemail from the phone, please do not say your voicemail password in areas where it can be overheard. More instructions on how to use voicemail can be found here on the OITFAQ site.  No other voicemail services will be affected.

Please contact the Customer Support Center at 209 946-7400 or helpdesk@pacific.edu if you have questions about this change.

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