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Familia Latina de Pacific Update and Raffle Winners

Jan 13, 2012

Familia Latina de Pacific would like to thank all the individuals on campus that made our tamale sales and raffles a great fundraising success for Henry Torres and his son Dani. With such a wonderful outpour of support from the entire campus, we were able to deliver a total of $2,300 to Henry Torres and his family over the holidays. Henry and his family were also able to join us for our Holiday Potluck on December 10, 2011. Please remember to join us at our upcoming Familia Latina de Pacific meetings this semester.

Familia Latina de Pacific would also like to congratulate the Raffle Prize Winners:

Tony Peccia                 (Pacific Baseball Athletics Gift Basket)

Peggy Kay                   (Painting from Deck the Walls)

Tiffany Chan                 (Pacific Basketball Athletics Gift Basket)

Marshea Pratt               (DJ Gift Certificate Basket)

Mabel Moscoso           (Nail Salon & Avon Beauty Basket)

Joe Campbell               (Pacific Athletics Gift Basket)

Ana Orellana                (Bath & Body Gift Basket)

Tonya Navarro (Decorative Room Items with Frame Gift Basket)

Ash Chaudhry (Grand Prize Pendant & Chain Raffle Item)

*A Special thanks is extended to all the departments, individuals and local businesses that made donations to make the raffle possible, as well as all of the individuals that supported this fundraising effort.

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