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Go LEAN - Become a Waste Reduction Hero

Jan 30, 2012

With the economic recovery moving slower than a stream of molasses on a cold day, many businesses are looking for ways to cut waste and become more efficient. University of the Pacific's Center for Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) will roll-out of its first LEAN Processing Certificate Program, designed to give business owners and managers ideas on how to increase effectiveness without impacting quality or employee morale.

"With the ever-increasing emphasis on maintaining current price levels, the only way for many companies and organizations to achieve profit growth is by continuously finding ways to reduce costs and waste," said Gary Waters, president of Gary Waters Management Consulting and the lead instructor for the program.

While most people think LEAN processing and principles are limited to manufacturing, construction firms, service industries and hospitals, the major ideas used by those sectors to become lean can be adopted by any business.

Pacific's LEAN Processing Certificate Program is designed to provide students with the essentials of "going LEAN" including methods to reduce lead time, eliminate waste, minimize inventory and identify non-value added steps in your business processes.

The first classes start in March, 2012. For class dates and times including registration information, please contact the CPCE at 209-946-2424 or via email at cpce@pacific.edu.

The CPCE is committed to extending the learning opportunities of the campus beyond the traditional, residential environment by delivering high-quality courses and certificate programs designed to enhance the effectiveness and skills of full-time working adults at their work site or on campus. For more information about the program, visit http://www.pacific.edu/Academics/Professional-and-Continuing-Education.html.

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