The Dove Real Beauty Campaign

The makers of Dove soap launched a "Real Beauty" campaign in 2004 that challenged the marketing perception of what a beautiful woman looks like. Stacey Nadeau, one of the models in the ad, will visit Pacific in February to discuss the campaign and imaging of the human body in general.

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Female Body Image Activist to Look at What Defines “Real Beauty”

Stacy Nadeau is changing society’s mind about women’s curves
by Lily PenfoldFeb 2, 2012

What type of body does an attractive woman have? In today's marketing driven society advertising says a woman needs to be thin, fit and young. Stacy Nadeau disagrees.

Nadeau, one of the models featured in Dove's 2005 "Real Beauty" campaign that attempted to change the standards of what a beautiful woman resembles, will be at Pacific to educate  individuals about self-esteem and body image.  She will speak at 7 p.m. Feb. 12 in the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center Ballroom. This event kicks off Love Your Body Week at the University of the Pacific.

Nadeau will discuss the media's concept of what a beautiful woman looks like and how she believes that this has led to misunderstandings in society of real beauty;  however, she also takes great pride in the lives she has touched through the "Real Beauty" campaign and will discuss feedback she heard while participating in that experience.

The campaign is credited for raising more awareness about female body images used in the media.

For more information on Nadeau visit and for more information on "Embracing Real Beauty", visit

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