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SIS Tuesday World Forum

Feb 9, 2012

"Globalization History via Induction: Specialization First, Generalization Later"

Professors' Dennis Flynn and Arturo Giraldez will speak on Tuesday, February 14th from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. on today's "Globalization" dates from the sixteenth century, according to Charles C. Mann and Professors' Flynn and Giraldez. Mann's bestselling book, 1403, documents profound environmental and epidemiological changes worldwide that unintentionally resulted from global economic interconnections over the past five centuries. Flynn and Giraldez offer a non-standard economic model that simplifies and clarifies how economic and non-economic forces were linked over the last half-millennium of global history.

A "Hydraulic Metaphor" is invoked to explain how and why silver and other trade commodities gravitated to - or "populated" - specific end-markets around the world. While enormous profits certainly motivated global trade, humans inadvertently disseminated diseases, flora and fauna throughout the world simultaneously.  As a result, physical environments across planet earth continue to be altered fundamentally since the time of Columbus.  The Hydraulic Metaphor enable visualization of forces that determine worldwide end-market dispersion of "populations" of products through time.  The Metaphor also improves comprehension of interconnections among academic disciplines.

Location: George Wilson Hall
Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Cost: No Cost - Open to the public