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Catering on Campus

Mar 26, 2012

Since the academic year is coming to a close and departments and organizations are starting to prepare for their year-end activities, this message serves as a friendly reminder concerning catering on the Stockton campus. As you may know, Pacific has a long term contractual arrangement with Bon Appetit Management Company to provide food service to the Stockton Campus (including catering services). This memorandum serves as a reminder of Pacific's obligations under the agreement and to clarify some common misconceptions.

Under the contract, Bon Appetit is the exclusive caterer for the University's Stockton Campus. The exclusivity provisions of the contract cover all facilities and lawns on the Stockton Campus except the Vereschagin Alumni House (in which they are the preferred caterer) and areas overseen by Athletics (e.g. A. A. Stagg Stadium, the Alex G. Spanos Center). An external catering company may not perform work in a covered facility or area on the Stockton Campus without the express written permission of Bon Appetit. Events held at off-campus locations are not covered by the contract, although departments are encouraged to contact Bon Appetit for their catering needs whenever possible.

When the primary beneficiaries of an event held in a covered venue is a recognized Pacific student organization and the food cost for the event is less than $250, the sponsoring student organization may order food from a company other than Bon Appetit (e.g., order pizza, sandwiches, or burritos from a local restaurant for pick-up). An external catering company may not be used to provide full-service catering. If the food costs for the event exceed $250, the student group must contact Bon Appetit to meet their catering needs. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by Bon Appetit in writing in advance of the event.

If you have questions about Pacific's obligations, please contact Steve Jacobson at 209.946.2331 or at sjacobson@pacific.edu.