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Department of Physical Therapy Secures Grants to Enhance Student Learning and Improve Community Health

Jun 18, 2012

Dr. Sandra Bellamy, Associate Professor, received $28,000 to purchase a GAITRite system (portable mat with embedded sensors) which will allow students to efficiently use computer technology to diagnose disorders of ambulation.

Dr. Todd Davenport, Assistant Professor, was awarded a Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Program Grant of $9,999 for the third consecutive year. Entitled "Healthy Children 2012: Reducing the Impact of Childhood Obesity in San Joaquin County", this grant includes having Pacific physical therapy students provide educational programs on healthful physical activity and nutrition to > 1500 school children (kindergarten through 8th grade) in the Stockton Unified School District and county-administered after school programs.

Dr. Davenport is also involved in a two year state funded San Joaquin County program called "Focus on Five" which extends the Healthy Children initiative to County-administered pre-kindergarten programs and emphasizes teacher training and curricular change. This program will allow selected physical therapy students to receive $2,000 stipends to assist teachers to integrate physical activity and nutrition in the classroom.

Dr. Jim Mansoor, Professor, received $7,872 to purchase and set up iPADs in the physical therapy anatomy lab to facilitate student learning.