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Paul Gross, Professor Emeritus

May 24, 2012

Paul Gross, professor emeritus in the chemistry department, passed away peacefully Monday morning in Columbia, SC with several of his family members by his side. As a trained synthetic peptide chemist, Paul was a post-doctoral research fellow at Pacific from 1962-1964 and part-time instructor of general chemistry at Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College in 1964. Paul joined Dr. Roger Jeanloz' research group at Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard University) as a research associate from 1956-1966 and studied the synthesis of aminosugars as bioactive compounds - in those years a truly cutting-edge research topic worldwide. He returned to Pacific in 1967 as an associate professor. In 1970, Paul became full professor and maintained a vigorous research program in his group until his retirement in 1999. He cared deeply about his students and often spent hours with them in his office while discussing organic chemistry reaction mechanisms. 

The family has not yet made arrangements but asks that no flowers be sent.