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Web Time Entry Material Available

Jul 24, 2012

Beginning with the August 1-15, 2012 pay period, student and temp casual employees will complete their time sheets online, including supervisor approval, through web time entry on insidePacific.  Eliminating paper time sheets not only reduces the University's costs, but also reduces the possibility of data entry error, and eliminates missed signatures or an employee's time sheet becoming lost or misplaced, ultimately delaying their payment. Web time entry also contributes to University of the Pacific's sustainability commitment by reducing the use of paper, ink, etc. 

The following documents are being provided to guide student and temp casual employees and approvers to complete timesheets accurately:

Student TempCasual Timesheet Calendar 2012 
Overtime Requirements NonExempt Employees
Format Guidelines for Entering Hours
Rest Periods & Meal Breaks

The following PowerPoint presentations are provided to give students and temp casual employees step-by-step instructions to enter hour worked and Approvers step-by-step instructions to approve employee timesheets.  To view the presentations, once opened, on the ribbon at the top click on "Slideshow," then click "From Beginning."  Make sure you have your speakers on as these presentations contain audio.

Web Time Entry Approvals for Supervisors
Web Time Entry for Students and Temp Casuals