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    Pacific Ranks Among "Smartest College Campuses" in the Nation

    Software Company Tracked College Student Scores During Five-Year Period
    Nov 6, 2012

    For years, faculty members have spoken highly about Pacific students, claiming they were a really smart bunch. Now a software company says it can prove it.

    Lumosity, a San Francisco-based online game company that makes popular online memory games that are marketed as ways to improve memory and cognition, said that its user studies show that Pacific students are among the smartest college students in the United States, smarter than those at Princeton, Vassar or Notre Dame.

    "There is currently a lot of interest in these so-called brain-training games because of their potential to help older adults maintain their cognitive function. Many of these games are similar to tasks found in standard tests of cognitive ability, but it is not clear that performance on these games is an accurate measure of how smart a person is," said Professor Elizabeth Graham, a cognitive psychologist in the Department of Psychology whose research examines age-related changes to memory and attention. "It is interesting to see that college students are also playing these brain-training games, and of course it is fun to be able to brag that Pacific students are doing better than many of their peers."

    Lumosity, which was launched in 2007, offers numerous games that it says will improve memory, mental flexibility, attention, speed and problem solving. According to a Lumosity blog post, the company could determine if a user was logging in from a college campus, and was able to identified more than 90,000 students from 400 colleges using its website. Based on the average scores earned by students at each university, the company compiled the top 50 best-scoring schools. Pacific came in at #27. Lumosity released a "white paper" that explained how they compiled their list at http://blog.lumosity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Lumositys-Smartest-Colleges.pdf.

    "Pacific's students embrace learning and personal development," said Provost Maria Pallavicini.  "We are pleased that our students are receiving some well-deserved national recognition through their engagement with Lumosity."

    The company's smartest college campuses announcement was made last week.

    The full list is below:

    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    2. Harvard University
    3. Stanford University
    4. Northwestern University
    5. Yale University
    6. Washington University in St Louis
    7. Dartmouth College
    8. Wellesley College
    9. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    10. Duke University
    11. College of William and Mary
    12. University of Pennsylvania
    13. University of Portland
    14 University of California-Berkeley
    15. Vanderbilt University
    16. University of Chicago
    17. Carnegie Mellon University
    18. Macalester College
    19. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    20. University of California-Los Angeles
    21. Emory University
    22. Lafayette College
    23. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    24. Case Western Reserve University
    25. Boston College
    26. Boston University
    27. University of the Pacific
    28. Vassar College
    29. Hamilton College
    30. Brown University
    31. University of Rochester
    32. Lehigh University
    33. Oberlin College
    34. University of Notre Dame
    35. Villanova University
    36. Tufts University
    37. Bucknell University
    38. Northeastern University
    39. Princeton University
    40 Bowdoin College
    41. Trinity University
    42. Butler University
    43. St. Olaf College
    44. University of Virginia-Main Campus
    45. Colgate University
    46. Rice University
    47. Johns Hopkins University
    48. University of Wisconsin-Madison
    49. Ohio Northern University
    50. The College of New Jersey

    For more information about Lumosity, visit http://www.lumosity.com/. For more Pacific rankings, visit http://www.pacific.edu/About-Pacific/General-Questions/Pacific-Rankings.html

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