Pacific's United Way campaign runs through December 2012 for contributions beginning in January 2013

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United Way 2012 Campaign update

Don't miss an opportunity to get an A parking pass in the early bird drawing on Nov. 16
Nov 6, 2012

Pacific's 2012 United Way campaign is well underway and contributions are starting to roll in. So far we have raised more than $54,000, which puts us at 45% of our fundraising goal. We still have a way to go to meet our goal of $120,000 with 40% participation. Thanks to all of those who have taken the lead at the beginning of the campaign, setting an example of contribution in our community. Congratulations also go to the employess in the Center for Professional and Continuing Education who was again the first department to achieve 100% participation.

This is the last week to qualify for entry into the "Early Bird" drawing on November 16. Each participant who turns in their contribution form by November 16 will be entered in a drawing to win an A parking pass for the 2013-14 school year. Employees who work off campus may alternately receive an equivalent value gift card for the campus bookstore or the River Room.

Remember you can contribute to any 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization of your choice. If you already donate to a favorite charity, you can make your donation through the United Way campaign. Donations can be made as a one-time gift or through payroll deduction.

In addition to the Early Bird drawing, at the close of the campaign all first-time Pacific United Way campaign participants will be entered into a drawing for an A parking pass or gift card. All participants will be eligible for additional drawing for a B parking pass.

If you have any questions, contact your department's campaign coordinator or Lynn King at 209.946.2889. 

Campaign coordinators:
Ken Beauchamp, Emeriti society
Mike Belcher, Public Safety
Jim Berry, Support Services
Scott Christensen, OIT
Cathy Dodson, Development
Daniel Ebbers, Conservatory
Nicole Gerseztyn, CPCE
Sheri Grimes, Office of Communications
Berit Gunderson, Provost
Rachelle Hackett, School of Education
Kathy Hastings, SIS
Gary Martin, Engineering and Computer Science
Laura Merry, President's Office
Alan Ray, COP
Trish Richards, Library
Ray Sylvester, School of Business
Ron Tacon, Finance
Holly Trexler, Athletics
Mary Lou Tyler, SIS
Denise Weaver, Enrollment
Joseph Woelfel, Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Michael Wurtz, Library

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