The fundraising goal for the Stockton campus is $120,000 with 40% participation

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United Way Fundraising at 77% of Goal

Nov 26, 2012

Pacific's United Way Campaign Chair Lynn King announced last week that Denise Weaver in the Office of Enrollment is the winner of this year's Early Bird Drawing for Pacific's 2012 United Way Campaign. 

"We have surpassed 77% with $92,189 pledged toward our $120,000 fundraising goal, " says King. "Thanks to all who have responded so quickly. These next few weeks will be critical to put us over the top. The needs in our community are great, and every gift makes a difference."

Congratulations go to the Center for Continuing and Professional Education for demonstrating their commitment to United Way by achieving 100% participation, along with the Office of Communications at 83% and Business and Finance at 73%.

The campaign continues through December. Even if you missed the opportunity to be in the early bird drawing, there are more opportunities to win. There will be a drawing for all first-time donors to the United Way campaign as well as a drawing for all participants.

Remember you can contribute to any 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization of your choice. If you already donate to a favorite charity, you can make your donation through the United Way campaign. Donations can be made as a one-time gift or through payroll deduction.

If you have any questions, contact your department's campaign coordinator or Lynn King by email at or call 209.946.2889, or your department's campaign coordinator. 

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