Bill Herrin

Professor Bill Herrin was named the director of the School of International Studies. He will start his new role January, 2013.

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Bill Herrin Named Director of Pacific’s School of International Studies

Economics Professor Previously Taught in Uganda
Oct 8, 2012

Bill Herrin, a professor of economics in the College of the Pacific and the former chair of the Department of Economics, was this week appointed the director of the School of International Studies (SIS). He will begin his new role in January 2013.

For the past two years, Herrin has held a joint faculty appointment between the College of the Pacific and SIS. He was selected by an SIS search committee that included two SIS faculty members, one staff member and a student, and he was appointed by Interim Dean of the College of the Pacific, Caroline Cox. 

In his new role, Herrin will supervise SIS faculty and staff and will ensure quality academic programs for its students. Herrin will report to the dean of the College with secondary reporting to the Provost's office.

"Dr. Herrin is an energetic and committed teacher and scholar who has demonstrated a passion for global education and issues," said Provost Maria Pallavicini. "He is familiar with both the SIS faculty and the COP faculty, which will help ensure a smooth transition and leverage the strengths of the two faculties to increase Pacific's international profile"

Herrin started teaching at Pacific in 1985 and served as chair of the Department of Economics from 1997 to 2003. He was appointed a full professor in 2004. At Pacific, he teaches micro and macroeconomic theory, developmental economics, mathematical economics, urban and regional economics, and the Pacific Seminar "The Tragedy of Foreign Aid."

He also has taught on several occasions at Makerere University in Uganda and was a Fulbright Scholar and lecturer at that university in 1999-2000. His most recent publication was "Migration and Wealth Accumulation in Uganda," which was co-written with Arsene M. Balihuta and Pacific business professor John R. Knight and published in the "Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics" in August 2009.  Earlier this year Herrin presented a poster on "A Novel Means of Assessing Nutritional Decisions in a Poor Country: Evidence from Uganda" at the 4th Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economists.

On October 1, the School of International Studies became part of the College of the Pacific.  SIS retains its full status as a school but administratively reports as a unit to the dean of the College.

Prior to Herrin becoming director, SIS was led for five months by Interim Dean Lewis Gale, who is dean of the Eberhardt School of Business. Before that, Professor Cynthia Wagner-Weick served as interim dean from 2010 to 2012. The most recent dean of the School of International Studies was Margee Ensign, who was appointed President of the American University of Nigeria in 2010.