This still photo from the film “Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth” shows Mayans as they try and survive in the modern world. The makers of the film will be on campus Oct. 10 to show the film and then discuss how it was made.

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Documentarians Will Discuss Their Award-Winning Film about Mayan Culture

Movie Explores Mayan Culture and How it Survives in Modern Times
by Patrick GiblinOct 1, 2012

The directors of the award-winning documentary "Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth" will be on Pacific's Stockton campus to show their film and answer questions afterward. The event is free and open to the public.

Eric Black and Frauke Sandig, two Berlin-based filmmakers, will screen their movie at 7 p.m. Oct. 10 in the Janet Leigh Theatre. This film has just premiered at the 2012 Mill Valley International Film Festival and previously won first prize in the International Film Festival of Human Rights in Bolivia.

"This is a significant documentary, one that has been gaining a lot of attention in Latin America due to its subject matter and its vivid imagery," said Jennifer Little, an associate professor of photography and digital media in the Department of Visual Arts. "This is a chance for the community to see a film that is gathering a lot of acclaim and also to talk to the artists who made the film possible."

The movie follows six young Mayans from Guatamala and Chiapas as they go through their daily rituals. The Mayan protagonists narrate the film themselves, in both Spanish and their native Mayan language. They reveal personal stories about the gap between Mayan spiritual beliefs and modern daily life.

According to the film's website, "They put forth a wholly indigenous perspective in their own words. Each touches upon a facet of the current global crisis....The remote homelands of some nine million present day Maya in Chiapas and Guatemala present a perfect microcosm for witnessing how unhindered globalization is already destroying the Earth and consuming indigenous cultures, now under attack for their natural resources from all sides."

This film will be screened the Janet Leigh Theatre with English subtitles.

For more information on this film and the directors, please go to the film's web site: