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New OIT Software Deployment and Service Availability Update

Oct 3, 2012

The Office of Information Technology has been working during the past year to automate software administration and upkeep of university-owned computers, with the goal of improving their reliability and security and minimizing the downtime. Microsoft's System Center software suite was acquired to achieve these objectives.

This system provides the capability to install all university standard software on new and existing computers within a couple of hours to ready them for prompt deployment. OIT is pleased to announce the availability of this service without any cost to all University campuses, schools, units, and departments.

With Microsoft System Center, we will have the capacity to deploy Software Center for the Desktop, a new tool that automates deployment of software applications and patches directly to the workstation.  This tool will be loaded on Windows desktops for all participating departments and set up to perform necessary updates automatically after business hours without manual intervention.  Software Center for the Desktop will also let users search for, install, and request other available software applications without needing assistance in person.  

Installation of Microsoft System Center on all existing PCs will be scheduled in coordination with each department and their technical support professional (if any). Software Center for the Desktop will appear to the user as another icon in their tray and can be opened when needed. This service will run on workstations without requiring user interaction.  

In the near future, many of these services will be offered for the Apple Mac platform. Services to manage a variety of mobile devices and remotely wipe them (if reported lost) are being planned to protect valuable information. More information will be provided as it become available. Departments are encouraged to contact the Customer Support Center at 209.946.7400 for consultation or for futher information and to schedule installation of these services. OIT remains committed to providing the highest quality service, lowering costs and improving technology reliability and availability. 

For further information, please visit the OIT  FAQ Site.

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