Photo by Brendon Nguyen

Pacific students enter the gates of Liumingyin.

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Self-Sustainable Town

Oct 17, 2012

Brendon Nguyen '13, Pre-Dentistry

China is a growing economy that is starting its green revolution.  We visited a completely self-sustainable town that produces all of its own food, purifies its own water, and makes its own electricity.  Absolutely nothing is imported from China's main cities, but everything that they make is exported to the city, giving the city a lot of revenue that allows the people to spend on things that can't be made in the city, like entertainment items such as TV's. 

We were given a tour of the animal housing areas, which was in the same location as the fertilizer producer of the town, making the town a very efficient area.

The reason for going to this town was to provide a view of how China's demand and control economy allows people to be innovative as well as single-minded when it comes to working.  Innovation comes from the way the people find out how to do their jobs better, but the single-minded aspect comes from knowing that only one job needs to be fulfilled by each person.  This allows for a level of efficiency that is hard to match!

The food tasted incredible.  All of the meat came from animals that were raised on the farms and the vegetables came from the gardens down the road.  Everything tasted very fresh.

This trip was more than just about learning about the subjects that we are enrolled in.  It is also about learning the culture of the people and how they interact with people.  The best teacher is experience, and going out into the city to find out about how things work is the best way to better understand Chinese culture.  This trip did exactly that for me.  I learned so much in the classroom and by venturing into the new surroundings that was a 13-hour plane ride from home, but I was not scared.