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Tapingo Food Ordering App Expanded to Coffee

Oct 31, 2012

After only one month on the job, the Tapingo food-ordering app has been expanded on the Stockton campus. Students, faculty and staff can now use their phones to order drinks from the Calaveras Coffee House in the Don and Karen DeRosa University Center.

Tapingo was initially launched on campus Oct. 1. The smart phone app allows users to order food in the Lair - and now the coffee stand - and pay for it with money in their meal plan or PacificCashTM account . The app also allows users to schedule when the food is to be picked up.

There are ground rules. If the food is ordered but not picked up, the account will still be charged. To get the food, students and employees have to show the electronic receipt that they will receive from Tapingo. Also, only the basic menu of the Lair and the Calaveras Coffee House are available.

Download the app from iTunes for iPhones or from the Android Play Market for Android phones. For immediate information on Tapingo, visit http://www.tapingo.com/

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