Chinese Professors Study Communication at Pacific

Two week program introduced visiting faculty members to how Americans study communication
Group photo of the visiting professors

About two dozen professors from Communication University of China are on Pacific's Stockton campus learning about the American study of Communication.

Sep 21, 2012
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About two dozen professors from Communication University of China were on Pacific's Stockton campus for two weeks learning about the American study of Communication.

During the visit, the Chinese scholars had individual sessions with Pacific's Communication professors to learn about the current communication research happening at Pacific, visited newsrooms at area newspapers and television stations, took tours of several technology companies in Silicon Valley, and visited numerous communication classes to see how the subject is taught in the United States.

They were here as part of the Pacific American Communication Institute, headed by Communication Department Chair Qingwen Dong, and Professors Jon Schamber and Alan Ray.

"The purpose of the visit was to introduce participants to fundamentals of American communication systems and process," Dong said. "We scheduled their visit so they could focus on both theoretical and applied areas of communication, be introduced to various communication concepts, and become more involved in class activities while also seeing how we use interactive activities to enhance the learning environment."

The course ran from Sept. 24 to Oct. 3 and was designed to help visiting faculty identify key concepts and theories in American communication studies, recognize and identify functions and processes of American mass media and new media, identify American higher education system characteristics, participate in American communication class discussion and case studies analysis, demonstrate an understanding of American communication knowledge, and identify  some American education teaching practices.

 "We were delighted to welcome the faculty from Communication University of China for this Institute and hope this is just the first of many such collaborations with us," said Caroline Cox, interim dean of College of the Pacific.

This is just one of many outreach efforts to educational institutions in China. The Pacific McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento has hosted educational programs in China for several years to introduce American style of justice in China. Two years ago, President Pamela A. Eibeck visited China, addressed an educational conference, met with students, professors and some of  China's leading higher education administrators and agreed to find more ways in which Pacific can work with Chinese officials to strengthen educational ties.

Since then, numerous delegations of Pacific representatives have visited China and Pacific has hosted numerous visits by Chinese officials. Besides the Communication program, Pacific also has a group of about a dozen Chinese students studying this semester on Pacific's campus as part of a program to further promote cooperation between the two educational systems.