McGeorge Program Focuses on Preparing Attorneys for Successful Litigation

Focused Decisions program kicks off on March 13, 2013.

Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law Dean Francis J. Mootz speaks to a crowd March 13, 2013, at the “Courtroom of Today” celebration. The official launching of Focused Decisions, a McGeorge program offering litigation and political consulting services, also took place.

Apr 8, 2013
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A new program at Pacific McGeorge School of Law will help attorneys and their clients best prepare for the courtroom and successful litigation.

Focused Decisions, which received a soft launch in late 2012 and was officially celebrated during a March 13 event, is a regional program giving attorneys and their clients tailored services they would not find elsewhere in the region.

The program, housed at McGeorge's Sacramento campus, offers comprehensive mock jury services complete with demographic research, full-scale courtrooms, jury deliberation rooms, witness preparation, focus groups and other litigation and political services. Follow-up jury questionnaires and regular feedback are other services offered, as is video recording and video streaming remotely to off-site clients.

"Focused Decisions was formed to meet an identified need in Sacramento and the Central Valley for a local provider of litigation support, focus group and mock jury services," said Mary L. Swanson, the program director. "Our technologically advanced facilities and experienced Ph.D. jury consultant enable Focused Decisions to provide attorneys with the strategic advantage their clients need."

"There is certainly a growing sense of momentum surrounding Focused Decisions," Andrew Walker, Focused Decisions' senior staff attorney, said. "We have already had the opportunity to conduct mock trials for prominent Sacramento attorneys, and plan to begin offering our focus group services and facilities to the local business community. Focused Decisions offers students unique educational opportunities, while operating one of the prominent litigation consulting and focus group facilities in California."

The process allows clients to evaluate the strength of their evidence, effectiveness of their witnesses and the reaction they can expect from the trial jury-as well as helps them decide if they are ready to go to trial or if they should settle.

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