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New Training Courses for Managers

Apr 10, 2013

Staff Learning & Development is excited to re-offer its new program geared towards managers and supervisors 

What Great Managers Know & Do

This is three-course series starting April 23, 2013.
"This was one of the first classes offered at Pacific geared towards managers, offering strategic ways to improve my management skills and it was an excellent opportunity to learn from my peers as well" said Betty Flores, financial reporting manager. Betty took part in the program when it first launched in February. More information about the program can be found here.

Help for Performance Appraisals

The time for doing performance appraisals is just around the corner! To help, Staff Learning & Development has partnered with Human Resources to offer courses such as Providing Effective Feedback, Performance Evaluation Training, and Listening with Emotional Intelligence. To view the complete listing of courses, please log into myLearning

Customized Training Options

To further support your learning and development, the Office of Assessment, Training & Technology is now offering customizable training. If your department has specific training needs, such as a Microsoft Office course or a team building event, we can work with you to design a course or program to suit your needs. Email staffdevelopment@pacific.edu for inquiries. 

Please don't forget to log into myLearning to explore all the ways you can develop your current skills and abilities. For the latest updates, please visit the training website at go.pacific.edu/training.