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Request for Faculty Input Regarding OIT

Dec 4, 2013

The Regents, the President, and the Provost have asked for faculty input on how OIT is doing. Toward that end, the Academic Council will be hosting the interim Chief Information Officer for 30 minutes on Thursday, December 12, from 4:15 to 4:45 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

All faculty members are invited to attend. Those who cannot attend may send questions, comments and concerns to the meeting through their academic council representative.

The following questions will be explored as they relate to technology:

  1. If a 'vibrant academic/learning environment' is our goal, what are students asking for and what are faculty trying to provide? How well equipped, and supported, do you feel to provide what you think is expected? 
  2. There have been surveys regarding the use of Sakai, smart boards, polling clickers, flexible learning classrooms, distance learning and blended classrooms, social media, and personal technology. There are numerous educational technologies available to capitalize on, but usage indicates these technologies are not being fully utilized, if at all. What do you fell is valuable, and what do you think is useless? Are there educational technologies we should be researching to determine their effectiveness?
  3. While an ongoing training program for faculty is a shortcoming at the university and something we must address, how do we change the conversation from "Which button do I push?" to "These are the results I want and what kind of technology will get me there?"
  4. If you have taught at other universities, how did the educational technology experience differ from Pacific?
  5. The future of IT at Pacific

To submit comments or questions, or for more information, contact your academic council representative or Marlin Bates, chair of the Academic Council at mbates@pacific.edu.

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