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Update on faculty vote

Dec 13, 2013

The following reflects the results of the recent faculty vote:

The Strategic Planning Committee members elected are:

Ruth Jones - Sacramento Campus Representative (3 year term)
Gene LaBarre -  San Francisco Campus Representative (3 year term)
Jim Hetrick - Elected Faculty Representative (3 year term)
Cynthia Weick - Elected Faculty Representative (3 Year term)

The members appointed by the Executive Board of the Academic Council are as follows:
(Appointed members normally serve for three year terms.  In order to provide some committee memory, the initial Executive Board Appointments will be staggered as noted)

Sharmila King (two year term)
Gary Litton (two year term)
Dan Wadhwani (one year term)

All handbook changes were approved as follows:

FHB 6.3.5 Promotion & Tenure Committee - Approved 77-22
FHB 7.5 Faculty Evaluation Guidelines - Approved 73-22
FHB 11.24 Honor Code - Approved 103-5

For questions or more information, contact Academic Council Chair Marlin Bates (mbates@pacific.edu or 209.946.3049) or your Academic Council representative.



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