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Reminder to Apply for Pacific Fund Grants

Feb 5, 2013

The second round of applications for the Pacific Fund for the College of the Pacific are due by 5 p.m. on March 1, 2013. Application forms for both faculty and students can be found on the Pacific Fund website and must be turned in electronically to Joanna Albala, Director of Research Initiatives & Strategic Partnerships, at COPpacificfund@pacific.edu. Only electronic submissions will now be accepted.

Individual and group applications are welcome. No individual may win more than one grant (individually or as a member of a group application) in a single cycle. Please note that Pacific Fund grants are reimbursement-based. Funds are not issued up front; rather, expenses must be documented and submitted for reimbursement. The COP Pacific Fund no longer funds coursework or internships for credit; however, certain expenses for internships may be considered based on need.

For more information on Pacific Fund Grants and deadlines for the other schools and colleges, visit the Internal Funding Sources page on the Sponsored Programs website. Download Pacific Fund Grant Applications from the Pacific Fund Website.