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Bon Appetit Valentine's Day Solutions

Feb 7, 2013

Bon Appetit is thinking of you for Valentine's Day.

Think no further than the Marketplace for hand-made  VALENTINE'S DAY TREATS for your special someone! Preorder today heart-shaped cookies, mini-cupcakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries and more for your Valentine. Just drop off the  ORDER FORM by noon on Tuesday, February 12, and you can pick up your treats 2-4 pm on Thursday, February 14.

Or bring your sweetheart to the River Room for a delightful  VALENTINE'S DINNER on February 14. From 6 to 8 pm, the River Room will provide a high-end prix fixe dining experience featuring three delectable entree options. Make reservations as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity at 209.460.3891.

Bon Appetit!

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