Dean of the Conservatory of Music with Music Managment Program Director and Visiting Guest Lecturers

The Impact of Online Media - Erin O’Harra from Linked In; Music Management Program Director Keith Hatschek; Dean of the Conservatory of Music, Giulio Ongaro; Will Crew of Kenshoo; online community manager for KQED-TV, Ian Hill; independent social media strategist Graham Howes

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Conservatory of Music Collaborates with Communication to Offer Online Media Course

Kevin Guico '14 - Music ManagementFeb 22, 2013

The Music Management program of University of the Pacific's Conservatory of Music collaborated with the Communication Department recently to offer a one-unit weekend course called The Impact of Online Media. The class was conceived by Music Management Program Director Keith Hatschek, and Communication Chair, Dr. Qingwen Dong. Practitioner instructors were Pacific alumni Erin O'Harra from Linked In and Will Crew of online advertising firm Kenshoo.

This class helped teach Music Management, Business Administration and Communication majors alike how to use platforms such as Google and Facebook to create an online advertising campaign. The real challenge happened when the students made actual online advertisements firsthand for the Brubeck Festival, a local clothes screening company and a local spa among others. Results of the reach and success of these projects will be gathered and reported by each group in the coming weeks.   One of the most educational parts of the class was outside of the classroom, in a Q&A career panel facilitated by Hatschek, including Crew, O'Harra, independent social media strategist Graham Howes (also a Pacific alum) and online community manager for KQED-TV, Ian Hill. Students' varied questions resulted in the panel sharing a range of insightful tips and advice, the moral of each being: start now and work hard.  

"The panel portion of the social media class was extremely exciting and inspiring from the perspective of a soon-to-be graduate," said senior Music Management student Nicole Sternagel. "I was looking into options for getting into the social media business when I graduate and listening to Graham Howes speak about his experiences and career in social media really inspired me to invest more of my time and efforts into breaking into that part of the music industry."  

Students judged the class a success, and hopefully it will be a reoccurring one. Within the online world, many new occupations and opportunities have opened up and this class taught by alumni paved the way for students to become a part of that growing world. Thanks go to Professors Hatschek and Dong for organizing the Impact of Online Media class.