Burglary Suspect

The above women is a suspect in several on campus burglaries. Call public safety if you see her on campus.

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Campus Life

Department of Public Safety Warning

Feb 20, 2013

Over the past several days, Public Safety has recorded a burglary of an unlocked room in Grace Covell and another in John Ballantyne. A video of the possible suspect suggests it is the same female pictured below who has been arrested on campus for multiple thefts. Her hair may be shorter and darker than in the photograph. She was revoked from campus when she was arrested last year. Please call Public Safety if she is observed on the campus. She currently has two outstanding felony warrants for her arrest.

This is a reminder to secure all doors and windows. She enters residential facilities by following authorized key holders who unlock the doors.

•         Please report any suspicious activity to the Department of Public Safety at 62537 (non emergency) and    63911(emergency).

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