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Summer Hours Draft Recommendations

Feb 19, 2013

After a three-month process involving more than 500 completions of an online survey, open feedback sessions and individual divisional meetings, the Summer Hours Review Committee is presenting its draft recommendation to the University community.

The working draft recommendation highlights the work done by the committee communicating with staff, faculty and student on the Stockton and Sacramento campuses and provides a thorough review of the four recommendations it is making to Cabinet for modifications to the current Summer Hours schedule.

Read the Draft Recommendation

During the next 10 days, the committee will accept feedback regarding the draft recommendation as it creates the final version, which will be submitted to the President on February 28. Cabinet will review the recommendations and issue its decision on April 1, 2013. Its decision will go into effect summer  2013.

You can submit your feedback by using SAC's Anonymous Feedback Form, emailing sac@pacific.edu, or contacting your SAC Representative.

For more information on the President's charge to review the current Summer Hours structure, or for more information about review, please visit http://go.pacific.edu/SummerHours