Athletics Hide and SeekSarah Vinall

The above photo was a posting from one of Athletic's hidden prizes in its Instagram-based game of hide and seek.

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Athletics Starts Hide and Seek Contest

Jan 11, 2013

Play hide and go seek with Pacific Athletics.

Using it recently established Instagram account at, athletics is hiding prizes on campus, taking photos of the location of the prize, and posting them online. The first person to find the prize gets to keep it.

Already, one lucky Pacifican found an envelope with a free meal from In and Out Burger. More recently, a Pacific Tigers t-shirt was stashed away in another location.

Anyone can participate. If you have an Instagram account, subscribe to Pacifictigers to see the prize photos and try and find the free stuff. The photos are also labeled with the tag "#Instaprize."

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing site that is most popular with owners of smart phones, such as the iPhone or the Android, but it can also be accessed through a regular computer with an Internet connection.

Athletics isn't the only department to have an Instagram account. University Communications also has an account at "UniversityofthePacific." Follow them for some of the latest images from Pacific's three campuses.