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Employee Benefits to Improve Financial Fitness

Jan 25, 2013

As you strive to improve your physical health, don't forget your Financial Fitness! Pacific offers savings plans and resources to help you and your dependents plan for your best financial future.

Learn More about Retirement-Take a few minutes to view an educational webinar to learn more about investing for retirement. Whether you are new to Pacific, 10 years from Retirement or Approaching retirement or want more information about today's Market Volatility TIAA-CREF has a webinar for you.

Get a Retirement Plan Check Up!- Make a One on One Appointment with a TIAA-CREF Counselor For a personal review of your retirement plan. To schedule a meeting with a TIAA-CREF Consultant, please call the Service & Scheduling Group at 800.732.8353.

Ensure your Estate is in order-Make or Update your Will or Living Will through the Employee Assistant Plan (EAP). Log onto http://www.guidanceresources.com/ (Company/Organization Web Id: EAPBusiness, Company Name: unive) click on the link under Site Highlights to get to EstateGuidance. EAP services are Free and Confidential for eligible employees and their eligible dependents.

Protect your credit- Take steps to protect your credit by enrolling in SecurAssist! another great feature of the Emergency Travel Assistance and Identify Theft Protection program for Employees. Proactively register up to 10 credit or debit cards for Identity Fraud Protection surveillance. SecurAssist uses sophisticated web crawling technology that will alert you if your information is being sold or traded, often before a crime occurs. www.securassist.com/sunlife (access code 18327) If you are a victim of financial or medical identity Theft call 1.877.409.9597 ( membership #01-AA-SUL-100101) for assistance.

To access more information about these or other employee benefits go to the Benefits channel under administrative tab in insidePacific, or email benefits@pacific.edu.


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