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Student-produced Video Memoir Becomes Promo for Theatre Arts Production

Jan 16, 2013

Student Video Reflects Passion for Theatre Arts
By Marnie Santoyo  

The Julius Caesar Trailer created by Ziheng (Simba) Wang '15 began as a video memoir to share with his parents and friends in China about his life at Pacific. However, when he showed Professor Gary Armagnac, Theatre Arts, a demo of what he made, Armagnac encouraged him to expand his idea.

"Professor Gary lent me equipment and then I started to film more and make this short video, which was used to promote the Fall 2012 show of Julius Caesar," Wang says. "I love film and I love the theater too so this video allowed me to do something I enjoy and feature the Theatre Arts program and the people that mean a lot to me."

When Wang first arrived at Pacific and the Theatre Arts program he spoke very little English. He was also brand new to the theater. His main interest was in film. However, as he's continued in Pacific's Theatre Arts program, his passion for the stage and performing arts has grown.

"Everyone here was very nice to me. Professor Lisa (Tromovitch) gave me help and encouraged me a lot," Simba says. "She introduced me to Professor Gary and he let me join his show 'Arms and the Man', which was the first play I had ever done."

Simba's newfound passion for the theater has inspired his professors as well. He recently had speaking roles as a Plebian and one of Anthony's soldiers in Pacific's fall production of "Julius Caesar."

"He has a amazing eye, talent and passion for film production and that was his initial focus when he came to the Theatre Arts department," Armagnac says. "However, his enthusiasm and appreciation for live theater has grown in such a relatively short time and he's developed into a terrific actor." 

As he continues his studies in Theatre Arts, Simba is continually finding ways to bring together his love for film and theater. He is currently producing a video for the Theatre Arts department's spring performance, "The Illusion."

"I want people to know about the Theatre Arts program here and I want it to be the best in the world," Simba says.