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Noteworthy - March 11, 2013

Mar 11, 2013

College of the Pacific

Andreas Agocs, History, visiting, presented the paper "Transnational Fatherland: Nineteenth-Century German Experiences of Migration and the U.S. Civil War" at the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Conference in Fresno, Calif.

Alison Hope Alkon, Sociology, spoke on "From Sustainable Agriculture to Food Justice: An Autoethnography"  at UC Davis. Her book, Black, White, and Green: Farmers Markets, Race, and the Green Economy, was the reviewed by Fabio Parasecoli, associate professor and coordinator of food studies at New School in New York City, on the Huffington Post blog "The Green Economy and Race: Another Side of Farmers' Markets."

Rand Enlow and Cathie McClellan, Theatre Arts, presented two workshops each to theatre professionals and students from seven states at the Region VII Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Sacramento. Enlow's workshops were "Creating to Scale Set Models" and "Communication for Scenic Designers." McClellan's presentations were: "A Few Tricks Up Your Sleeve - Patterning Tips for 5 Late Victorian Sleeves" and "Waisting Away," a co-presentation  on the history of corsets and corset construction techniques.

Gesine Gerhard, Associate Dean and Director of General Education, presented a paper on the mass starvation of Soviet prisoners of war in German captivity at the conference on "Nazi War Crimes in the Soviet Union during World War II" held in Moscow, Russia. It was the first international conference on atrocities in the Soviet Union since the end of the Cold War and was held in Russian and English.

Chris Goff, Mathematics was elected vice chair of the Mathematical Association of America-Golden Section at the section's annual meeting hosted on the Stockton campus by Pacific's mathematics department and Phi Beta Kappa chapter. The Golden Section serves Northern California, Northern Nevada, Hawaii, and the U.S. Pacific Islands.

Carolynn Kohn, Psychology, and graduate students Nicole Schultz '13 and Julia Valentin '15 presented "Energy consumption: Reduced, reused, but will it be remembered?" at the 31st Annual Western Regional Conference of the California Association of Behavior Analysis in Anaheim, Calif. E. Kelly Rush '13 assisted with the research on the project.

Jennifer Helgren, History, will have her article "Keeping Girls Safe: Race and U.S. Popular Media Portrayals of Sex Crimes in the 1950s and 1960s" published in the anthology Girls' Sexualities and the Media, Harper, Katsulis, Lopez, and Scheiner, eds., to be published by Peter Lang (2013).

Alan Lenzi, Religious and Classical Studies, published the entry "Erech" in Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception.

Ajna Rivera, Biological Sciences, was the lead author on the article "Blue-lightreceptive cryptochrome is expressed in a sponge eye lacking neurons and opsin," published in and featured on the cover of the Journal of Experimental Biology. The article was also included in a commentary in the same journal as well as on Science News and Nature. Rivera presented "Gene expression differences underlying sexual dimorphism in ostracod eyes: Insights from transcriptomics." at a symposium at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting. Students Andrea Sajuthi '13, Brenna Carillo-Zazueta '14, and Brianna Hu '12 all participated in the presentation. Rivera also co-authored a presentation with William Trok '14 and Erik Webb '14.

Greg Rohlf, History, contributed the chapter "A Preliminary Investigation of the Urban Morphology of the Towns of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" published in the book Chinese History in Geographical Perspective, Du and Kyong-Mcclain eds., published by Lexington (2013).

Caroline T. Schroeder, Religious and Classical Studies, lectured on "Breaking Rules and Telling Tales: Children and Childhood in Earliest Monasteries" at Claremont Graduate University.

Jerry Tsai, Hyun Joo, Chemistry, and Archana Chavan '14 were coauthors on the paper "Understanding the general packing rearrangements required for successful template based modeling of protein structure from a CASP experiment," published in the journal Computational Biology and Chemistry, which describes a packing approach to protein structure prediction.  

Pacific McGeorge School of Law

Omar Dajani had his article "Contractualism in the Law of Treaties" published in the Michigan Journal of International Law.

Fred Galves spoke on "Why Civility & Ethics Matter" at an MCLE luncheon program sponsored by the Saint Thomas More Society of Sacramento and the La Raza Lawyers Foundation in Sacramento.

Larry Levine spoke on LGBT issues at a symposium, "Restatement Of ...," sponsored by Brooklyn Law School, and the American Law Institute, in Brooklyn, N.Y. An article based on his remarks and those of his co-presenter, Professor Courtney Joslin of UC Davis School of Law, will be published in a future issue of the Brooklyn Law Review. Levine spoke about the LGBT cases pending before the United States Supreme Court to students and faculty at the Brooklyn Law School.

John Myers made several presentations at the San Diego International Conference on Child Abuse and Family Violence in San Diego. His topics included key 2012 abuse court cases, recent relevant developments in the medical and psychological literature, and proof of harm inflicted by parental abuse He also was co-presenter on the topic of "Legal Ethics in the Criminal Justice System: An Oxymoron? Why Do Lawyers Act that Way?"

Paul Paton had his column "Inquiry or Witch Hunt?" about the alleged misconduct of a Canadian province chief justice published in Lexpert magazine.

John Sprankling accepted an invitation to join the LexisNexis Law School Advisory Board, which consists of nine professors from law schools across the country and provides advice to LexisNexis on issues relating to law school publications.

Jarrod Wong co-chaired the 2013 Winter Forum Conference of the Institute of the Transnational Arbitration in Miami, Fla. He assisted a committee that selected two papers out of 60 submitted for presentation and organized a 2012 year-in-review focused on significant arbitral events and a forum that discussed topical ideas and concerns in international arbitration.  

McGeorge faculty members had significant involvement in the Association of American Law Schools annual convention "Global Engagement and the Legal Academy" in New Orleans, La.:

Michael Colatrella discussed the increased need for law schools to partner with public institutions to mitigate the decrease in affordable public legal services at the Pacific McGeorge Breakfast for Advocacy, Dispute Resolution, and Clinical Law Faculties.

Frank Gevurtz was a panelist on a presidential workshop on "Innovating to Globalize the Curriculum in U.S. Law Schools" at a concurrent session that included remarks from Raquel Aldana. He also was a commentator on a discussion of "Outcomes, Measures and Assessment in International Legal Exchanges" sponsored by another section.

Ruth Jones, a member of the executive committee of the AALS Section on Teaching Methods, selected speakers and organized the section's program. She also moderated the panel discussion, "Sharing Methods and Materials for Collaborative Teaching Methods." In addition, Jones served as a mentor for the Women in Legal Education Speed Mentoring event.

Courtney Lee gave a presentation, "Assess Me Once, Shame on You: Creating and Assessing a Continuum of Support for At-Risk Law Students," for the Section on Academic Support's Program. She was elected to the section's governing board and named co-editor of the section's publication, The Learning Curve, and confirmed to a second year on the Section on Balance in Legal Education board, and will serve as the liaison between her two sections.

Michael Malloy was one of the organizers of a roundtable session sponsored by the Society of Socio-Economists, held in conjunction with the convention. He spoke on the past quarter-century of banking regulation and delivered a paper on "Executive Compensation Regulation," at a panel on corporate parenthood and governance.

Dean Francis J. Mootz III was a panelist on a Section on Women in Legal Education program, and former dean and current professor Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker moderated the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Global Engagement's "listening session."

Michael Vitiello spoke on the conflict between federal and state law at a smoking hot-topic program, "What Happens When 'Legalize It' Moves from Slogan to State Law?".

School of Engineering and Computer Science

Scott Larwood, Mechanical Engineering, along with co-authors from UC Davis, had their chapter "Wind Power for Farming and Food Processing" published in the Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering, Second Edition.

Said Shakerin, Mechanical Engineering, had his article "Photogenic Fluids" published in Mechanical Engineering magazine. The article briefly described the outcomes of an undergraduate research activity performed by Robyn Nariyoshi '10, funded by a 2010 Pacific Undergraduate Research Award.

Eberhardt School of Business

Chris J. Sablynski gave the keynote speech "New trends and emerging evidence in building, developing, and nurturing your team" at the California Public Sector CIO Academy in Sacramento.

School of International Studies

Ahmed Kanna, had his article "A Group of Like-Minded Lads in Heaven: Everydayness and the Production of Dubai Space" accepted for publication by the Journal of Urban Affairs. His essay, "Architects, Experts, and Urban Space in the Arab Gulf" will appear in the forthcoming Routledge Global South Cities Reader, Miraftab and Kudva eds.  

Taj Suleyman '14, graduate student in the MAIR program, received an Education and Development Fund Scholarship to attend the 14th Annual Intercultural Management Institute (IMI) Conference on Intercultural Relations at American University in Washington, D.C.


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