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Science Author Explains the Teenage Brain

Katie SweeneyMar 22, 2013

Science author and journalist David Dobbs will speak on "How Genes & Culture Shape Us - & We Them" this Monday, March 25, from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Biology Building, 101. The lecture, which will focus on brain development and how it relates to the teenage years, is sponsored by the Pacific Arts & Lectures Committee. 

Dobbs writes features and essays on science and culture for The Atlantic, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Wired, the Guardian and other publications. Several of his stories have been chosen for leading anthologies, including "Beautiful Brains," about adolescents, which was published in National Geographic and was selected for both Ecco's The Best American Science Writing 2012 and Mariner's The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2012. 

Dobbs will speak to two College of the Pacific classes: English 106, "Content Engineering," and Psychology 109, "Physiological Psychology," in addition to Monday's event. https://calendar.pacific.edu/event/restless_youth_tools_toys_and_crazy-ass_ideas#.UUtGgKX_Qtg