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23 Chinese journalism grad students visit Pacific

Aug 7, 2013

Nearly two dozen Chinese journalism graduate students visited University of the Pacific in late July to get a taste of American journalism.

The 23 graduate students, here as part of Pacific International Journalism Institute 2013, came to Pacific via Communications University of China in Beijing, also known as "a cradle of China's radio and television talents." Institute Director Qingwen Dong said it was rare to have such a large group of Chinese students for such a program.

The 23 Chinese graduate students were here July 25-30 and participated in several sessions on modern Western and American journalism presented by Pacific professors Dong, Alan Ray and Dave Frederickson, graduate student Stephanie Morris, and the senior editor of the Sacramento Bee's opinion pages, Dan Morain. The Pacific International Journalism Institute program also included a daylong field trip to view activity at a large daily newspaper newsroom, a television news set, and a radio broadcast studio, and a tour of the state Capitol Building.

Dong, Pacific's Communication Department chairman, is the Pacific International Journalism Institute director and organized the event along with International Programs and Services Director Ge-Yao Liu.

Visit go.pacific.edu/COP for more information.