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A Wise Investment

Andrew Mendoza with Dr. Cynthia Wagner-Weick

Andrew Mendoza, in addition to his activities with the Eberhardt Student Investment Fund, was also part of the Powell Scholars Program, Pacific's premiere academic merit scholarship.

Jul 12, 2013
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When 2013 graduate Andrew Mendoza began working full time at Cisco, he was in familiar territory. He had interned, both on-site and remotely, for the $11 billion technology company for over a year, and his work on Pacific's Eberhardt Student Investment Fund (SIF) gave him direct experience in the kind of technology research he'll be doing.

"What really helped me land the internship and eventually the full-time job, what really helped me stand out, was my involvement in the SIF within the Eberhardt School of Business," says Mendoza.

As technology analyst for Pacific's highly successful $2.5 million student-run investment fund, Mendoza made stock recommendations and forecasts for that sector, and as Chief Technology Officer for the fund, he rebuilt the website from scratch.

And this was only one of Mendoza's major projects at Pacific. He was also the managing director for the student-run Integrated Development Group, an interdisciplinary management consulting firm that worked with social enterprises both in Stockton and in Vietnam and Egypt. He says he helped aspiring entrepreneurs to "accelerate their missions so they can be better change-makers in whatever field they're in." For example, he conducted a feasibility study for a group whose goal is to create a student-run micro-finance organization in Stockton.

Mendoza says this experience has helped broaden his perspective on the world. "It's really made me much more of a global citizen than I ever considered myself to be in the past," he says. "I've seen how the effect of things that happen in Stockton can be seen around the world."

Mendoza reflects on how his time at Pacific prepared him for the next chapter in his life. "I wanted to go someplace where I was treated like more than just a number," he says. "I've had an experience that allowed me to be a leader within a multitude of organizations and to grow as a person."