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Four College Faculty Members Earn Prestigious Teaching Awards

Katie SweeneyJul 17, 2013

As part of the University's Commencement Day 2013 celebration, four professors in the College of the Pacific were honored with prestigious awards recognizing their exceptional teaching, scholarship and service to the University. Read on to learn about their awards-and what each has to say about teaching: 

Diane Borden: Distinguished Faculty AwardDiane Borden
Diane Borden, Ph.D., a professor of English at Pacific since 1971, was the 2013 recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award. This esteemed award is presented annually to a tenured faculty member at Pacific for outstanding accomplishment in any or all of the following areas: teaching, research, creative endeavors and service to the University. 

"I have always thought of my teaching as a way to continue to learn," Borden writes on her Pacific Web page. "In the classroom I become one of the students, and together we all venture into the world of ideas and creativity, of diverse interpretations and varied means of investigation." 


Cynthia Dobbs and Analiese Richard: Eberhardt Teacher/Scholar Award
CCynthia Dobbsynthia Dobbs, Ph.D., associate professor of English, College of the Pacific, and Analiese Richard, Ph.D., associate professor of Anthropology and faculty chair, School of International Studies, were the recipients of this year's Eberhardt Teacher/Scholar Award. The award recognizes exemplary teaching and scholarship.  "Teaching and literature are my great passions," writes Dobbs. "Engaging with students in deep and far-ranging conversations about literature, history and culture in the intimate seminar spaces afforded at Pacific is, for me, a joy." 

Richard jAnaliese Richardoined Pacific in 2006 and is a past recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year (2007) and Outstanding Contribution by a Faculty Member (2011) awards from the School of International Studies. 

"At Pacific, the educational relationship between faculty and students makes us stand out," Richard writes. "We view our students as individuals with unique interests, strengths and weaknesses; it is our job to catalyze their intellectual and professional development." 


Alan Lenzi: United Methodist University Scholar/Teacher of the Year AwardAlan Lenzi
Alan Lenzi, Ph.D., associate professor of Religious & Classical Studies, was recognized with the University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award. The annual award, given by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church, honors a faculty member for exceptional teaching, concern for students and colleagues, contributions to scholarly life, and high professional and personal standards. 

"My students tell me that I show a lot of enthusiasm for the materials I teach in class," Lenzi explains on his Web page. "But excitement can't replace genuine care for students' education. So I invite students to come to the office and talk. I like to hear about their future plans. I get to know them. This is what drew me to the teaching profession."