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Employee Assistance Plan Offers Tips and Tricks for Summer

Jun 19, 2013

Going Exploring this summer?

Explore your Employee Assistance Plan! EAP benefits are free (and always Confidential!) to eligible employees and their dependents. A wide variety resources for busines and personal life are available on the EAP website.

Log on now at www.GuidanceResources.com (if you are creating a new user profile use: WebID – EAPBusiness; Company Name – unive)  

This month's featured articles include (log-in required):

The Importance of Good Hydration

Humans lose water throughout the day via breathing, perspiration, and urine and bowel movements.

Preparing Your Child for Overnight Summer Camp

If you now have children of your own, you may want to give them the opportunity to experience the fun of summer camp.

Ways to Stretch Your Fruit and Vegetable Budget

There are many ways to maximize your benefit from fruits and vegetables without breaking your budget.