Steven Jacobson, associate vice president for Student Life (left), and Pacific Public Safety Director Mike Belcher, co-chairmen of the Pacific Aert Team, lead a discussion after the June 12 simulated emergency on the Stockton campus.

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First responders, Pacific Alert Team Drill to Make Campus Safer

Jul 8, 2013

First responders and University of the Pacific's emergency management team carried out a simulated emergency on June 12 in Stockton to practice procedures that may be put into action should there be an emergency on campus.

It was only a test.

This year's annual drill involved members of Public Safety, the Pacific Alert Team and Stockton police dealing with a suspected bomb on campus. While Stockton officers handled the scene and the "bomb," the Pacific Alert Team practiced evacuating, housing and caring for displaced students, faculty and staff. The simulation also involved practicing how the Pacific Alert Team would use Pacific's emergency website and social media to get out information to those who needed it in order to remain safe.

The simulation allowed organizers to reinforce training and pinpointed other areas that needed to be refined.

Public Safety Director Mike Belcher and Associated Vice President for Student Life Steve Jacobson are co-chairmen of the Pacific Alert Team, which meets monthly to discuss how to maintain and improve safety on the campus. The annual simulation is part of the process for improving safety.

In the event of a real emergency, visit Pacific's emergency website.