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Medicare Part D Celebrates with Roast and Toast

Jul 16, 2013

The Medicare Part D community outreach program at University of the Pacific is renowned for its dedication to the community through the time and efforts that students, faculty, preceptors, and staff invest. Year after year, each succeeding Medicare Part D class builds on the achievements of the classes before it to impact the community in a more meaningful way. This year's accomplishments could not have been realized without the help of each and every member of the Medicare Part D family. As a token of appreciation, the Medicare Part D family celebrates its successes with the Medicare Roast and Toast.

During the 12 outreach events, they had nearly 1,600 attendees. Natalie Hajian '14 said one of her favorite memories is "After a few hours of careful Part D explanation and MTM, I could see the tears in his eyes as the patient was thanking me and I felt such a rush of emotions - pride in a job well done, gratitude for his trust."

Traditionally, the Roast and Toast takes place during graduation week so that the family can also take this time to congratulate the graduating third year students. The event took place in Rotunda 103 on May 16, 2013 and consisted of food, fun, and games followed by a roast and toast dedicated to Dr. Rajul Patel '01, '06. At this year's event, with a 1980's theme, the graduating Medicare class won against two other Medicare classes in an entertaining game of Family Feud. Regardless of who wins in the fun and games, the Roast and Toast is always an exciting and sentimental milestone as second and third-year students prepare for the professional world while first-year students embark on their academics and prepare for another eventful year. Cheers to all things Medicare!

By: Yu-Hsiu (Yolly) Liu '14