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OIT Accounces Network Upgrades in Process

Jun 27, 2013

OIT is pleased to announce refresh of Pacific's 12 year old network backbone on the Stockton Campus; increasing capacity from 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps, improving  redundancy, reducing power consumption, and enhancing security. It is the first step to support gigabit speeds to the workstations and faster wireless connections. The project will also ensure Pacific is ready for the demands that will be placed on the network for new blended learning applications, interactive multimedia and cloud services.

The Modern Campus Network is Mission Critical.

In the summer of 2012, the Office of Information Technology began a 3-phase project designed to enable the University staff, faculty and students to experience the rich content of a wide range of applications and services, both locally and on the Internet.   The first two phases consisted of a major upgrade and expansion to the university's fiber-optic cable plant. The third phase replaces the key network routers and switches on the Stockton campus to increase core network capacity and prepare for gigabit speeds delivered throughout the campus. During this phase, we will also increase internet and Wide Area Network link capacities between our three campuses.

The university's use of the network is increasing at a rapid pace. This project will allow us to become more flexible, increase reliability and stability while staying ahead of the needs of the increasingly 'connected' student population.  We're anticipating an environment with larger streaming content ranging from interactive course content, audio to video and video conferencing; positioning the network to support the increasing use of blended learning and collaboration with a range of industries, medical institutions and other universities. Our goal is to provide a robust foundation network infrastructure that supports the next decade at the University of the Pacific. 

How does this impact you? 

During July 2013, OIT will be doing the "Tiger's" share of network upgrades, replacing our existing switching and routing equipment with new devices from Brocade. Though we are doing everything to minimize the downtime required during the upgrade, we anticipate some network and (momentary) telephone outages during the weekend of July 20-21. Any outage schedule will be communicated through project updates to the Pacific community including the technical support providers and Customer Support Center.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the CSC @ x67400.

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