Students and faculty displayed presentations on a variety of topics including oral cancer treatment, orthodontics, and cleft lip and palate during Pacific Research Day on May 29 at Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

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Pacific Excellence Day Showcases School Achievements

This annual tradition celebrates achievements in research, dental practice and community outreach over the past school year
May 31, 2013

During the 13th Annual Clinical Excellence Day and the 15th Annual Pacific Research Day on May 29 at Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, students, faculty and staff proudly demonstrated professional growth and shared accomplishments. 

Known overall as "Excellence Day," the event has become a much-anticipated dental school tradition and provides a venue for students to reflect on achievements as the academic year comes to a close. The day finished with a reception and awards presentation in Café Cagnone to celebrate all participants.

Clinical Excellence Day

Matthew Polsdorf demonstrates the results of a year and a half of dental work by student dentist Michael Kezian to fix his broken front teeth 

In the clinical portion the day, students presented clinical cases on topics such as complex restorative procedures, removable prosthodontics, veneers, implants, orthodontics and more. Numerous patients (such as Matthew Polsdorf pictured at left) also volunteered their time to attend the event in support of their student dentist and to display completed treatment in person.    

Groups of dental school faculty judges reviewed and evaluated students' cases based on oral and physical presentation, case difficulty, case-based research, preparation and treatment. Several second-year students were given awards. Winning presentations from the graduating class of 2013 will be officially announced during the Alumni/Graduate Banquet to be held on June 14 over graduation weekend.

Pacific Research Day

For the research portion of the day, students and faculty displayed presentations on a variety of topics including oral cancer treatment, orthodontics, cleft lip and palate, and opportunities for collaboration between medical and dental professionals. Research Day also featured its fifth-annual keynote lecture, given by Dr. John Featherstone, dean of the School of Dentistry at the University of California, San Francisco.

In addition to sharing their research accomplishments with the school community, participating students also competed for prizes, including senior research competition awards and the ADA/Dentsply Award, which enables the student winner to attend the ADA Annual Session's Student Clinician Research Program. Several committees of faculty members selected the winners of the awards below. Additional award recipients, including winners of the senior research competition, will be announced at the Alumni/Graduate Banquet.

ADA/Dentsply Award [Student Clinicians of the ADA (SCADA) Award] 
Deborah Chau, Senait Gebremedhin, Takahiro Chino and Nejat Düzgüneş
"Curing HIV: Targeting lectin-coupled liposomes to the highly mannosylated HIV envelope protein"

Hinman Symposium Award (2)
Jonathan Kim, Lily Kim, Zach Worsley, Katerina Polosukhina and Stefan Highsmith
"Growth recovery of xylitol-inhibited Streptococcus mutans at pH 5 and pH 8"
Jenna Gaw, Michael Yee, Tamer Alpagot and Nejat Düzgüneş
"Treatment of Porphyromonas gingivalis with azithromycin encapsulated in cationic liposomes"

AADR Meeting Award (2)
Zach Worsley, Lily Kim, Jonathan Kim, K. Polosukhina and S. Highsmith
"Recovery kinetics of xylitol-inhibited Streptococcus mutans"
Laura (Hayoung) Kim, Michael Yee, Paulina Skupin-Mrugalska and Nejat Düzgüneş
"Liposomal delivery enhances photodynamic therapy of oral squamous cell carcinoma with Zn- and Al-phthalocyanine used as photosensitizers"

San Francisco Section of the AADR Award
Cory Wood, Shana Vohra, Mirek Tolar, Tarek Abousheta1, Lateefa Al-Kharafi, Shweta Deshmukh and Marie M. Tolarová
"Roles of the TAS2R38 and TAS1R2 taste receptor genes in dental caries status"

Excellence Award (for research)
Nejat Düzgüneş, Aruna Singh, Senait Gebremedhin and Krystyna Konopka
"Non-viral gene delivery to oral squamous cell carcinoma and cervical cancer cells, and suicide gene therapy"

Excellence Award (for review)
Zhanna Konovalenko, Ae Ran Ku, Shelja Bhatia and Angela Laithangbam
"Minimally invasive dentistry"

Excellence Award (3)

Nadim Guirguis, Natalie Yang, HeeSoo Oh and Miroslav Tolar
"Application of mechanical force to PDL stem cells in vitro"
Kenny Liu, Kavitha Ravi, Mirek Tolar, Tarek Abousheta, Walied Touni, Alanoud Alotaibi, Shweta Deshmukh, Lateefa Alkharafi and Marie Tolarova
"Association of TGFβ3 polymorphism rs2300607AT and nonsyndromic cleft lip and palate in Philippines"
Lateefa Alkharafi, Miroslav Tolar, Tarek Abousheta, Shweta Deshmukh, Hisham Burezq, Dalal Alhajery, Fatema Alrayes and Marie M. Tolarová
"Orofacial clefts in Kuwait and genotypes of TGFβ3 polymorphism rs2300607 AT: A pilot study"

Excellence Award

Anmol Bhangu and Dorothy Dechant
"Keep calm and chew on: a comparison of dietary adaptations in Indri indri and Loris tardigradus"

*Student presenters are indicated in bold type

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