Greek organizations conduct many service projects and fundraisers throughout the year to support various charities, such as Pi Kappa Alpha's annual Hit of Reality event where fraternity members live in cardboard boxes for several days to increase awareness about homelessness and raise funds to support a local food bank.

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Pacific News

Pacific Named in the Top 10 Colleges with Great Greek Life

Jun 24, 2013

University of the Pacific is counted among the "Top 10 Colleges with Great Greek Life" in a recent post on the college information website Top 10 blog.

 The post notes that the University's Greek community is a critical part of student life, which boasts 13 Greek chapters -- seven sororities and six fraternities.  Many chapters are part of the Multicultural Greek Council, representing one of the most diverse student social groups on campus. All chapters, multicultural or otherwise, emphasize academic achievement, leadership development, community service and friendship, the post goes on to say.

Why else is going Greek good? Contrary to the sometimes negative press and "Animal House" impressions of fraternities and sororities, the blog cites a 2012 USA Today article that said 85 percent of Fortune 500 executives hail from Greek organizations, and all but three U.S. presidents since 1825 belonged to a fraternity. And Greek graduation rates are about 20 percent higher than their non-pledged peers.

"Our Greek organizations play an important role in community life at Pacific," said Vice President for Student Life Elizabeth Griego. "Our fraternities and sororities teach students about leadership, lifelong friendships, and how to live in positive relationships with others. We are very proud to be mentioned in the top 10 in the nation. And we are also proud that our professional staff in Greek Affairs have brought reinvigorated support, program innovation, and good communication with students and alumni members."


Greek social events such as the Chariot Races and Lip Sync are some of the most anticipated and well-attended events of the school year.